25th September 2015

I was really surprised and very happy with the results I saw almost immediately after my session with Amanda. We worked on a really stressful situation involving a family law-suit that has been part of my life for the last year. Every time anything to do with this issue came up (which was often) I could feel my pulse start to race, eyes get a little teary and really just physically feel myself filling up with of so much anger and hurt.

When working with Amanda in this session as we went through the many different aspects of this issue ?feelings of betrayal? I could physically feel those feelings start to shift and change and other feelings begin to come up ?non comprehension? we worked on those and many more, it was like peeling back the layers of an onion.

At the time and immediately after it felt like a cathartic experience and an amazing opportunity to express some things in a safe space that I didn?t feel I had another outlet for. I left pleased with those feelings as a result, but unsure as to whether I would really seen any genuine change in my reaction to these issues.

But to my total surprise the next few times I received emails and phone calls relating to this instead of the ?usual? racing pulse, anger and hurt, I just felt calm. That is not to say my opinions have changed on what is going on, more that I am just able to manage myself better as a direct result of this work that I did with Amanda.

In fact feeling calm as opposed to angry has been really beneficial in moving the process forward, without allowing the thoughts of it to dominate my every waking moment, it really felt like a genuine release of a huge amount of negativity.

Amanda was wonderful she has such a calm and open way of working with occasional humour which makes the space feel very light and free, some of things I was expressing were very personal to me and I never felt vulnerable or judged. I would recommend Amanda to everyone and in fact have been doing just that since my own revolutionary experience!

Thanks Amanda! x
Mrs N.M ? Guadalmina