26th September 2015

I just found your business card in a cupboard in my kitchen and wanted to drop you a line to let you know how things have been since I had my session with you. 

I have to say that the relationship between my mother and I is outstanding these days, I really feel that we worked out the blockages that were really getting in the way of her and I reconnecting. I didn?t tell anyone that I had had the treatment for a long while so that I could judge the effects for myself. I started spontaneously putting my arm through Mums when we were out walking and showing her affection that didn?t feel awkward. I have also noticed that when she cuddles me now I don?t freeze and feel uncomfortable but can hug her back like a normal family. We found out a few months ago that we are expecting another baby in Feb, the real turning point for me when I knew the sessions had worked was when my Mum was visiting for the day and I had an overwhelming feeling to ask her to be at the birth with us to share the experience. It was such a natural feeling and made me (and her) so happy. I don?t know if you remember but that was what I envisioned at the end of our session for the future. 

Mrs C. S ? London