25th September 2015

Emotional Freedom Technique. Three words so ridiculously self explanatory, yet so incredibly vague. Little did I know that it was just those three words I needed to put things right. Ten years is a long time to be dealing with anything, let alone something as self destructive as an eating disorder. Counselling, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, hospitals, friends, family?. I?d done it all. Eventually I came to terms with the fact that I just wasn?t strong enough to beat it and would always carry it with me. After ten years of ANYTHING, you start getting used to it. In these cases, familiarity is probably the most dangerous thing of all as you allow something to become a part of you, enough so to control you, your lifestyle, your health and your well being.
I?d heard about Amanda through a website recommendation, and whilst knowing nothing about EFT or NLP, it had been spoken about enough times for it to spark my curiosity. I was also willing to give anything a try? except medication. I did NOT want to be medicated as I was terrified of losing control of other aspects of my life.
I met Amanda with an open mind yet was extremely nervous about how much i?d have to expose myself to her. My biggest concern was confidentiality and lack of empathy. I was terrified of being thought of as ridiculous. I was actually amazed to come face to face with such a warm, friendly, approachable woman. It was like being hugged, it felt so good to be sat with her, sipping tea, discussing the what?s, how?s, who?s and so on. I couldn?t stop talking, she?d unleashed this floodgate inside me where I had to come clean about everything I was doing to myself, it felt so liberating ? and we hadn?t even started!!!! What shocked me most was discovering things about myself which I had obviously locked away without being in any way aware. What I might have thought the issue was, actually masked something which had once affected me even more so than a trauma itself.
It?s extremely hard to write a testimonial about something so personal. Our troubles are our own, we live with our demons, we fight our battles, we carry our burdens and too often, we give up. We come to terms with them and accept them because we just don?t know how to beat them. I can?t recommend Amanda enough. I have to say that when I went to visit her it was more through curiosity than anything else. I?d long since past the point of desperation where you?re willing to try ANYTHING. I had tried it all, and none of it had worked. This was just something new I was curious to explore. They?re not wrong when they say things happen when you least expect them to?. Amanda was incredible. What she?s done for me has no pay back. What price can you put on peace of mind?
Miss A.G ? Marbella