“In 1957 a group of monks needed to relocate a giant clay Buddha statue from their temple to a new location, since their monastery was being relocated to make room for a highway through Bangkok. When the crane lifted the massive idol, the weight of it was so tremendous that it began to crack. The […]

I am sitting at my kitchen table staring at the results of a new recipe I tried making today. *If you are wondering it was supposed to be feta, chickpea and spinach parcels! When I presented it to my kids, they all said ?Yuk, that was disgusting?, and I couldn?t agree more. Even the dogs […]

Today I have had a realization on the type of ?role? I have been hanging out in recently and I am questioning whether it has been serving me well. When I reflect on my inactivity over the last year in pushing through with my projects, my mind recalls that I have spent much of that time […]

The Role Parents Play in the Programming Years of their children I wish I had understood how the brain works, when my kids were tiny?.. I would have done so many things differently to what I actually did. Though for you, having this information at your fingertips now will reap rewards for your little ones […]

Are you always judging your parenting skills, annoyed at how reactive you can be, disappointed that you are not a happier parent and living in the hope that things will get better in the future once certain goals have been achieved? To be happy for a reason is relatively easy ? good things happen to […]